Khamis, 30 Julai 2009

cantik xtelur ayam ini?????

cantiknya telur ayam ini

Telur ayam bkn shja blh dimakan tetapi ia jga mrupakn 1bahn yg blh dijdikn hiasan utk kta semua...pernahkah anda melihat telur ayam yg disusun 7 dibina mnjdi 1gambar yg amat cntik rupanye...dihrp anda smua trhibur dgn pe yg zai tnjukkn ini....

Jumaat, 3 Julai 2009

***...MiChAeL {MiKaiL}...***

Michael Jackson's Signature Moves

The King of Pop did the moonwalk.

Michael Jackson Had Neverland

Michael Jackson poses for the June 1993 cover of LIFE at his Neverland Ranch, where he kept several exotic pets, built a mini-amusement park, and hosted young guests.

Michael Marries Lisa Marie

Jackson and his wife -- Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley -- arrive at Budapest's airport in 1994. They divorced after less than two years of marriage.

The King of Pop Dies at a Young Age

A newpaper reports June,2009,death of Michael been brought on by paqinkillers.He was 50.